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    Detailed introduction

    1、The product description:

    The plastic basketball court provided by our company has been widely used in sports and leisure places. The material basic composition is: course elastic material + wear-resisting surface material + finish paint + line. Construction can be done on concrete or asphalt. After coating, the material is flat, and the whole film has no crack. It has the proper flexibility and hardness to meet the needs of the ball speed and the protection of athletes. According to the need, the color combination is combined with the surface layer of the anti-slip surface, which not only brings the visual enjoyment, but also has the effect of beautifying the environment.

    2、Product features:

    ** construction is fast -- the construction process of running water is combined with special high polymer materials to make the construction more convenient and quick.

    ** with appropriate elastic force - high polymer material can provide good velocity and sense of ball and reduce movement injury.

    ** high usage - smooth surface, can be put into use immediately after rain. Improve use efficiency.

    ** durable - the surface contains anti-ultraviolet elements. Wear resistance, good aging resistance, long service life.

    ** integral film - no seams, easy to maintain.

    ** it is widely applicable - because of the high polymer material, it is waterproof and can be used for roof, indoor and outdoor. It applies more broadly.

    ** flexible use - provide professional marking. A number of different standard venues can be designated in the fixed area to improve the utilization of the site and more flexible use.

    3、Scope of application:

    --- indoor and outdoor tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton and other fields.

    --- school, courtyard, kindergarten, park game floor, etc.


    Yantai sunshine plastic co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, construction, sales of plastic runway materials, different octylic acid zinc, lead, quantitative plastic runway, yantai yantai plastic pitch. Company has specialized in the production of polyurethane paving materials standard chemical plant, production equipment, technical process is advanced, detection means complete, has many experienced professional construction team, covers an area of the largest industry in shandong province, is one of the most complete company form a complete set of equipment.

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